Mat Turner
Yoga Retreats/Events Organiser

Let me introduce name is Mat and some people call me 'Yoga Mat ' of course!

I discovered yoga over 4 years ago so but although quite new I had an amazing introduction to this wonderful lifestyle on the island of Amorgos Greece.


Working only as a volunteer ('Workaway') at the 5 star Aegialis Hotel and Spa in 2016 I went from being a maintainance man to guest relations then onto Concierge serving and working closely with Yoga teachers from all over the world. I became fascinated with Yoga and was lucky enough to be invited to classes everyday. This helped me tremendously both physically and mentally. The more I learned, the more I noticed  a huge change within me Yoga quite frankly saved my life! It was only fitting that I gave something back to these teachers, I wanted to invite them back hence the idea of ELYSIA Yoga Convention. 


Thankfully the hotel liked my idea and allowed me to organise the event and bringing the season forward one week in order to fit it in. The whole thing was organised in only 5 months and in that time we had 70 people from around the world signed up.


The event was a super huge success and we followed it up in 2018 and 2019, now everyone who knows anyone knows about ELYSIA  it was a big hit for the hotel that went from having 32 retreats in 2017 to 105 retreats in 2019 partly due to ELYSIA'S success..... "I think we can call that a good result".


Now I have spread my wings and organised 2 sell out retreats and now about to create another convention/summit 'ETHOS' we are just at the early stages and looking at Thailand for our next destination so watch this space!